We troll
bad brands / influencers

Ethical Trolling Consulting - Online Security for Communities, Influencers and Brands

We are online bodyguard’s / influencer security

Are you under attack from another company/brand/influencer?  Are you a victim of a scam? Are you an influencer under attack? Is your competitor playing unfairly?

We are a team of experienced and highly talented ethical trollers.  We can help you fight back against an unethical person/company/brand in an ethical way. Every company has weaknesses and vunerabilities.  

We can be your online bodyguard and proactive defence.

What is ethical trolling?

We will only provide our services against bad people or companies only. We see ourselves as vigilantes against companies/individuals.

We do not get involved in attacking family members or innocent people.  We operate as legally as possible. We will not help scammers, we will not get involved in anything dark. 

One example of ethical trolling is spoof websites, advertising and a marketing campaign to a silly service or product. Creating social media accounts and pretending to be the company and posting memes and just make them look silly.

How did we start?

We have a history in SEO, private investigations, social media marketing, social engineering, website design, video marketing, stealth marketing, gorilla marketing, running adverts and we have been mistreated by companies and fought back.  We have also seen the worst/best trolling there is online. We want to help companies or individuals that have been attacked, we can also check/help individuals that are under attack.

Negative SEO

We can also bury bad articles and things wrote about the client.  We are good at getting things taken down or buried, which sometimes means going after several companies at the same time. We can also get your company looking good after being buried in an attack.

How do we operate?

We can’t say much, but we keep it as ethical as possible, we try to annoy/harass/time waste and use humour first.  We have different phases and in each phase they are warned beforehand. (if the client allows us)

We keep everything 100% confidential and we prefer not to know who our clients are. We will also check with our client and confirm every action before we do each phase.  Because we know how complex, sensitive and political these situations are.

We cannot tell people openly how we operate, but everyone is pleasantly surprised.

Our reputation is important to us, we do not double cross and only one person will oversee each case full time. There has to be consistency and continuity..

Why is it expensive?

We have a large amount of skills, accounts, blogs, domains, dedicated IP’s and we employ only people we trust.  It’s time consuming to go after a company or individual. The bigger the company, the more the resources we need to fight back.  Also what we are doing isn’t technically legal.

Who is this for?

Firstly our service is expensive because we have a lot of work per client.  We may need several full time staff and social engineering operators per job. We can possibly help people that are under attack, we can go after bad companies or bad influencers.

Please contact us with your specific problems. We have a reputation to uphold, we won’t mess people around. If we can’t do it. Then we will offer some solutions.  Our service takes a lot of skills and resources, it wont be cheap!

Whats the plan?

First, we need to establish the size of the target and the size of the campaign, big companies take a lot of man hours to waste as many resources as they can.


We interview the customer and research the target


We offer ideas the best way to approach


We agree on the first phases and we receive the first payment and we get started with our plan.

We have many different phases, if the target doesn’t back down, each phase escalates the pressure.

This is a custom/bespoke service.

Why use our team?

We are experienced in all these areas, we are keen to make a difference, we prefer to have fun trolling humorously.  We have connections all over Asia/Russia that are a vital part of some of our work.

What’s the restrictions?

We won’t work for scammers, we won’t work against decent companies, we won’t physically harm or threaten people. We will not troll governments, charities, armies, police or religious groups. We wont try and land people in jail.

What else can you do?

We prefer to do hoax’s, pranks, spoof websites, memes,  fake social media campaigns and adverts.  Opposed to nasty methods.  Every client has different needs, so let talk but please keep it fun.  Lets run your targets PR campaign for them!  We can do one and one training.

We can do online community security.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is influencing and controlling or concealing your reputation or our targets for them.


A.  Company A has poor ethics and they are playing underhand tactics against a local competitor and that bad company has an event coming.  We will design and distribute 10,000 flyers in the local area with the wrong date/time on it and/or just do a very badly designed flyer with missing info.

B.  An influencer is attacking other influencers, we use tactics to waste their time and resources until they stop.

C.  A company/organisation are using unethical tactics. So we do some special offers for them and make viral videos of their products.

D. An influencer wants people to feel sorry for them, so they use people to attack them in a controlled manner

Email us at MarshahP1eRile @ gmail.com